Saturday, March 24, 2012

Preparing for Summer

Goodness, it's ridiculously warm for this time of year!  In fact, all this unseasonable weather has got me thinking about clothes for this summer.  In particular, things to wear out for picnics and strolling around the Boston Public Gardens.  I'm working on corsets and petticoats this week, but after a cutting marathon this morning I decided I really ought to have a a nautical skirt to add to my wardrobe, as I tend to wear sailor dresses all summer anyways.
in a dress/parasol I made last summer, hamming it up with Prince Justin (the hedgehog) 
So this post originally started as research on nautical summer wear for the turn of the century, but then I just couldn't stop it expanded into summer sportswear in general.  Yay for croquet!

From Harper's Bazaar, 1872
And here are some other lawn ensembles:

Harper's Bazaar sport outfits, 1898
labeled 'Archery Tournament, Boston' , 1906

Summer costume, 1888

Tennis At Newport by George Bellows, 1919

Golf ensemble, 1898

sporting outfits, 1890

Girl Playing Croquet by William Coleman, 1904

 I know this one is super small, but she has a be-pom-pom-ed beret! so cute!
Woman with Tennis Racket and Ball, 1887
And finally, the original images for this post--on the ocean by yacht, boat, and beach:

the shore in Atlantic City, c. 1904

beachwear 1910s
a pantomime costume from the V&A, but I love the blue/yellow!

illustration by Albert Lynch

Girl in Brooklyn, c. 1890s

too cute to leave out! German 'Tommy' bear, 1906

yachting costume, 1899

yachting, c. 1900s
I came across this next image while looking at swimwear, and while I plan to hit the beach as much as possible this summer, I certainly hope this doesn't happen!

Illustrated Police News, 1896
Oh, dear.  But the polka-dots are so cute!

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  1. Oh my gosh. Remember when I was saying that I kept wanting to make vintage bathing suits even though I had no reason to need one coming up? Well, that picture of "beachwear 1910s" is exactly the one that inspired me the most. Specifically, I continue to be in love with the dark stockings and white lace-on shoe combination, with the cute stripe details on the suit itself. Now we're going to have to do these, you know.