Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Quick Skirt

I am long overdue to show you pictures from my early 1900s skirt, which I threw together from machine-washable fabric the day or two before the centennial event at Orchard House in June.  I wore it again for a "teddy bear picnic" performance recently as well, and it's a great easy piece for when I know I'm probably going to end up on the ground at some point.

I drafted the pattern off of my Truly Victorian 1890s skirt pattern, combining the front and side pieces on one side to create an a-symmetrical 'wrap' look, which was popular during the ragtime era, and cut a lot of the volume from the back.  The 'wrapped' side is also accented with green piping and a row of buttons--both accents often seen in fashion plates of the period.
The hat is far too floppy, and hopefully I will be making a new one soon.  But all things considered, I'm happy with the skirt.  It was a rushed project and the fabric is hot and doesn't breath well, but it's a good down-and-dirty skirt to have on hand.

a close-up of the fabric and hat ribbon

after the performance at the Salem Anthaneum

I am really bad at posing on my own...I need a production team. oof.

back view

despite its faults, I really do love that bow!
with CVD at the Anthaneum
You can see more photos (including my outfit in action) at the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers' Facebook page.

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