Sunday, April 21, 2013

Regency Hair and the Greek Revival

I haven't done a research post in a while, and it struck me when I was writing the first Intensive Weekend post that I wanted to share some of the fabulous things that were just so Regency.

A personal one I was quite proud of was my hair for the balls! Both nights, but Sunday especially, I rocked the curly Grecian look that was quite popular, along with curls about the face.
piled/cascading curls with gold ribbon...and a dumb statue pose...

not a great picture of me (grumpy face...), but an excellent example of doing Regency-does-Grecian hair!

face curls and gold ribbon, 1813
more gold ribbon and face curls
the Grecian look with cascading curls, 1802
more cascading/piled curls, 1799
one last pile of Greek Revival curls
My hair both nights was done using a bun rat--this one is synthetic, and super cheap (I bought it at CVS). My hair is naturally curly, so I mostly shoved it and attempted to pin it in an artful way. You could get the same look by curling straight hair, or making a pile of braids with a few curled pieces, too. The circlet of pearls is actually a choker (from Claire's I think?) turned upside-down and pinned in place just in front of the padded bun.

One thing I'm realizing is that the more reference images I have in my head, the easier it is to take stock when it's time to do my hair and get something fabulous out of it. Well, that and a whole lot of practice!

Almack's Assembly Rooms: full of cascading, bouncy curls! (and hey--their band is on a balcony too!)

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