Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Last Picnic of the Summer: Performance at the Commandant's House

The National Park Service hosted an event in August to honor their volunteers, and brought the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers in to perform as part of the festivities. While they ate their lunch we had our own Regency picnic, did a little dancing on the lawn (including one truly death-defying...or death-tempting...jete waltz on the grass!), and then eventually went inside to do some more serious dancing. We met up with some new friends and had a wonderful time!

In case you missed my last post, we also looked pretty spiffy!

 But the real treat was that when we weren't eating or performing, we played graces! I've mentioned graces here before, but it never stops surprising me how much fun I have when we play. This time it was especially exciting, because there were a bunch of us and a bunch of hoops in a big circle. Before we tossed a hoop we would shout the name of the person we were tossing it to in order to get their attention. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it just resulted in really funny faces and near misses.

Even though it's October, I couldn't pass up sharing a last summer adventure. Not one with such silly people!

our picnic, yum!

Inevitable, one of the hoops got stuck in the tree

in the house after dancing was over. The light through the curtains was so pretty!

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