Friday, February 12, 2016

Just for Fun: How to Dance Like a Regency Zombie

It's Friday, and I have been working so much that I'm pretty sure I'm turning into an actual zombie (or at least the corporate kind).

For anyone else who's ready for a break, I wanted to share this video (made by my amazing friend, who filmed, directed, and edited) from after hours at last weekend's Regency ball.

In Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Mr. Darcy says that any zombie could probably shuffle through a dance. Just what does he mean?

a diagram of the "shoelaces" figure in Sir Roger De Coverly, a popular dance from the period (that appears in A Christmas Carol)
Regency dancing often involved dancing through patterns within a set of couples using energetic steps. Some fellow Regency dance enthusiasts and I decided the reconstruct a particular dance* that we felt would be most fitting to zombies...

(*as you may have noticed, this is not an exact reconstruction of a period dance. It was instead choreographed by our excellent ringleader wearing white.)