Thursday, February 2, 2017

Late Regency Pelisse Inspiration

The Regency season is upon me! Or rather, I have a bunch of Regency events coming up (wooo! exciting!), and I will be a much happier dancer if I have new clothes. Due to ongoing undergarment problems, I've held off on making any new Regency ensembles. That was definitely the right decision, but now that my silhouette is sorted, I'm excited for some new frocks!

in a very old frock at the 2016 Regency Weekend-a frock that was only every supposed to be a pattern test, but then I never made another one!
In the plans are three new garments: a ballgown, a day dress, and a pelisse. My grand plot is to work out a base dress pattern with gathered front and plain front options that fits me really well, and that I can use as a base for any future Regency projects. To accomplish this I'm starting with Janet Arnold, because there happens to be a dress in Patterns of Fashion that fits me really well. I'm in the process of mockups right now, but I'm also planning that third piece. A pelisse has been on my list since I started doing Regency in 2012...and I've had the fabric for one since then too!

Yep, I admit it, this is a long-time stash project. I bought grey-blue velvet and pumpkin taffeta for a pelisse during a sale on New Years Day 2013. The pretty pile has been languishing in a tub ever since, in three different apartments. So I'm thrilled to finally be starting this project!

I haven't totally figured out the exact details, but I'm leaning towards a "van dyked"/pointed motif. Here are my inspiration images, which (almost) all include a base color and contrasting color:

fashion plate, 1822
La Belle Assemblee, 1817
La Belle Assemblee, 1818
The Mirror of Fashion, 1815
Ackerman's Repository, 1818
I am especially leaning towards the first image (white with blue), but I want a larger collar so there will definitely be some other elements. I'll just have to see what I'm struck by once the base garment is up and running!


  1. Ooh! Those fashion plates are lovely!

  2. Oh that's amusing. The pelisse I've been slowly putting the trimming on for the last few years but hope to finish for April has trimming similar to the white/blue one in the first fashion plate. :)