Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inner Monologue, part 1

[my housemates have been giving me grief for years about the disconnect between my life and my in honor of that, and because I have nothing better to do to procrastinate, I'm starting a new bit of this as an experiment: below, my morning, as imagined in my inner romance-novel-ogue.]
New Year's Eve 2012...yes, I do wear a tiara occasionally. As you can see, my friends have reason to mock.

Although out quite late last evening, E and I rose early to take a morning constitutional before breakfast and the lecture at the Westlands Halls.  The talk was much more enjoyable than I had expected, and I passed a rather pleasant late morning sitting amongst friends partaking tea and sharing stories of our past exploits representing the legacy of the estimable Mrs. Lawrence.  While there were still the occasional comments (always from the same source, as usual) that elicited a less-than-politic response, camaraderie with J and A, as well as some well -placed sips of tea to hide my face, meant that I was able to avoid causing any major conflict.  I am sure upon the return of the other attendees to the house this afternoon we shall be able to discuss in full.
After the lecture I happened upon Em, who was lounging in the sun outside the theatre waiting for Cb.  She is excited for the upcoming ball in a few weeks, as am I.  The more I discuss the event with friends, the more excited I get for the grand adventure of the party making our way up to Boston, which on my own is a miserable venture but as a group will hopefully prove to be quite memorable.  I am planning a lovely picnic for us to bring as a late lunch before the afternoon dance class.  Discussing what to wear also reminded me that I must re-hem the skirt of my ballgown and add light wiring to the lace collar.
Now I have returned home to lovely friends and loads of washing, which I must carry out before I leave for this afternoon's working tea with Au and H.  Washing is my least favorite chore, but alas it must be done or I shall have no more sweaters by Tuesday...I have put it off as long as I could.

"Napoleonic Fantasy Ball" at Arisia 2012 (the ballgown in question)

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