Monday, April 30, 2012

Parties, Portraits, and Pretty Things: Julius Leblanc Stewart

When I first discovered how fabulous Julius Leblanc Stewart's work is, I was not surprised to learn he was a contemporary of John Singer Sargent, who is one of my favorite painters.  Stewart's work has a similar quality to it but his subjects and use of light differ from Sargent's.
Self Portrait, 1886
Stewart was born in Philadelphia in 1855 but moved to Paris with his family when he was ten years old.  Following my current love of all things 1870s-90s/Whartonesque/Belle Epoque/Picnic-related/shiny, Stewart's peak was during the 1880s, and his group outdoor scenes are my favorites so far.  I am constantly surrounded by artistic people, and I would love one of them to suddenly be inspired to take all of us sailing and then paint in. Hmm...

Here are some of my favorite works by Stewart, for your enjoyment and inspiration for the upcoming sunny weather!

Yachting in the Mediterranean, 1896
Reading (La Lecture), 1884
Reading Aloud, 1883
The Hunt Supper, 1889
The Hunt Ball, 1885

This last set of images all feature striking parasols, and I feel particularly drawn to them:

In the Garden, 1896
A Quiet Day on the Seine, 1880
The Seine at Bougival, 1885

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