Friday, April 6, 2012

Picnic Images

So as the weather is beautiful and I'm stuck inside all day, I find myself once again dreaming of the fabulous afternoons I want to spending picnicking this summer...preferably in the Public Garden, which was established in 1837.  I haven't actually taken a swan boat ride since I was little, but watching them is certainly fun!
In honor of summer picnics, I've been collecting references.  Here are some favorites!

Labeled 'McLaughlin Girls 1910'

Picnic Supper on the Dunes, Charles Curran 1890

Taken in Greenham

from Cassell's Magazine, 1900

The Picnic, Charles James

Two Women on the Mountain, Franz Marc 1906
More to come, I'm sure...I can't for picnics of my own!

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