Friday, May 25, 2012

Baz Luhrmann Great Gatsby Trailer

I've had an eventful week (more on that later), which has slowed down my reading somewhat.
But don't worry, I'm still prepping for a summer of projects and working my way through Fitzgerald! I have a couple of posts on the author's life and letters to finish (along with my re-reading of Tender is the Night) but in the meantime the first trailer for the new Great Gatsby film has been released!

What do you think? I've watched it a couple of times and while the visuals are really interesting, I'm still having trouble getting behind the music.  Not because it's modern--that's a typical Luhrmann trope--but because it's so slow.  I also thought it was interesting that the narration at the opening is not actually from Gatsby but from a later piece by Fitzgerald.  That could be good, as it might signify a lot of reading and research from Luhrmann/the writers.  I guess we'll see at Christmas...

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