Thursday, October 18, 2012

Costumed Adventures, Issue #2: More Pictures from Comic-Con

I really failed at taking pictures at Comic-Con, but I was totally overwhelmed. According to the news there were over 116,000 attendees! Next year I promise to be better.  Here are the few pictures I did manage, however, just to give you a taste of the crazy-awesome!

Antonia and Julia as Batman-girl and Robinette (both outfits made by Julia, who you can find here)

a private joke moment.  My "Marvel Girl X-Mansion" bakcpack...or my SLC alumni bakcpack? Are they the same place?

the Mystery Mobile from the live-action Scooby Doo movies

a station where you could be turned into a zombie by makeup artists

I didn't end up going as Merida, but a bunch of other people did!

the view coming down into one of the main hallways--just a flood of people. It was this crowded everywhere.

signs on the way to Artists' Alley

yep. Accurate.

one of the artists paints a car

Antonia's favorite superhero, Hawkeye

massive dork moment: a kid dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda playing an Occarina

at the comic-con backdrop...not a great picture but you can see my X symbol

Batman villains

a pretty fab weeping angel

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