Friday, October 5, 2012

Well, Goodness! Thank You!

I am quite touched to say that Quinn has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award!

As Quinn has been instrumental in teaching me some fabulous skills for pattern sizing and scaling recently, I think it's high time I baked her a cake or something.  Well, according to the rules, this nomination requires a couple of things, so here we go...

Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself:

1-I have actually always been like this, even though I didn't start sewing historical clothes until I was in college.  This has been well documented with photographs of me in sailor suits and matching hats over the years.

Sailor suits then (c.1992) and now (May 2012)

2-I have two younger siblings, and they are much cooler than me.

3-I do not wear pants unless I have to.  Which means that I only own one pair of jeans, and I only wear them when they are required by a dress code (yes, this has happened) or because I am riding a bike or something.

4-I love lab coats, but I picked pretty much the only scientific field (psychology) that doesn't wear them.  I have absolutely no idea how that happened or why I like them.

dressed as a mad scientist for Halloween 2011
5-I wear tiaras when I am having a bad day, and also when I want to feel sparkly, and sometimes when they match the outfit.  I also insist on wearing an apron if I'm baking.  Sometimes these coincide.

Melting chocolate at my New Years party this January
6-I am a Slytherin, and proud, but it's a near thing--I score almost 50/50 as a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw.  Smart and evil?

7-I love plaid.  Shocking, I know!

a pile of plaid (tartan, in fact!) at Ochre Court

Nominate 15 Blogs for the VBA:

I don't actually think I read enough blogs to have 15 I want to nominate (especially because three have already won! you can see their blogs here and here), but here are my nominations!

Visually Stunning Beautiful photos, often of beautiful places, sometimes of interesting people, and with a variety of techniques and films--including some vintage ones.

Suitcase Words Jamie spent a year teaching English in the town of Dijon, France and wrote a blog about it.  Now that she's home she doesn't update as frequently, but she understands what it means to leave your heart in many places.

Couture Courtesan Pretty clothes and exciting adventures in Colonial Williamsburg.

Before the Automobile Someday I hope to sew this beautifully...and she makes most things completely by hand!  It's also always interesting to see historical events in places outside the US.

Not So Geek, Not So Chic A really cute blog, and some pretty fabulously creative sewing.  Also, hooray for super heroes and other geeky fashion!

Oregon Regency Society Northwest Chapter The society's blog offers some pretty fabulous pictures, but also some great how-to's and research segments.

Oh, the Glamorous Life! Glamorous adventures, performance tips, and book reviews from a co-founder of the Boston Babydolls.

Well, that's all I think!  Thanks to Quinn for the nomination---I look forward to many more sewing adventures to blog with you!  And thank you EVERYONE for reading!

Finally (really this time!), I clearly don't read enough blogs.  If you write one, or have one to recommend, please leave it in the comments!

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