Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hairy Goals

I don't have any excuse to make or wear an 1830s dress--it's not a time period I do, they're totally ridiculous, I would wear it once and it would sit in my closet--but there's something about hair from the period roughly from 1825-1836 that I love.  Someday, I want hair as ridiculous as this.
In the beginning of the 19th century the fashion was for high hair on women, often with little curls framing the face.  Somewhere after that, though, everything got a little bit...magnified.  Hair and accessories shot from the top of the head in multiple directions, braids defied gravity, and clumps of curls added inches at the temples.  They are, essentially, completely ridiculous hair fashions.

And I love them.

While I may never have an excuse to wear my hair in quite this ridiculous a manner, here are some examples of the fabulous hair of the late 1820s-1830s.

Fashion plate from Costume Parisienne, 1830
Hair accessories, 1830s

Portrait, 1831
Caroline von Holnstein, 1834

Townsend's Monthly, 1830

Eugenie Hortense Auguste Napoleon de Beauharnais, 1826
Aren't they fun?


  1. http://lnhstest.brinkster.net/Level2/Collections2/FineArts-Images/fanny-bust-400.jpg

    Also Henry Longfellow's wife Fanny. This was made in 1836, and is ridiculous. I love it too!

    --JV Kate, because I'm too lazy to log into anything that will register my name.

    1. Yes!! The curls on that statue are impressive. Thanks for adding the link :)