Monday, November 26, 2012

Science Fashion

Happy Thanksgiving (belatedly) to all! I had a great time hanging out with my family, and my aunt accompanied me to JoAnn Fabrics for an adventure on "black" Friday!

I tend to avoid JoAnn for most of my shopping, because in general I find it to be way overpriced.  However, last Friday all Simplicity and Butterick patterns were 99 cents, and that is hard to beat!  I went looking for a specific pattern for an upcoming project and failed spectacularly, but I was able to pick up a couple of the Butterick vintage reproductions for a different project I've got simmering on the back-burner.

I picked up B5748, which has two circle-skirt dresses (they place it c.1960), one with a super cute bow,

pattern illustration for B5748
and B5813, c.1956, which has cute collared dresses in both circle- and pencil-skirt varieties.

I want to make some new work clothes, and I'm drawing inspiration from one of my favorite shows as a kid: The Magic School Bus.

For those of you who weren't raised on PBS in the '90s, The Magic School Bus is about an elementary school class taught by Miss Frizzle, who (teamed up with the class pet, a lizard named Liz, and their flying/shape-changing/time-travelling school bus) gives the kids hands-on exposure to the natural and social sciences.  I still use the lessons from the episodes about color, chemistry, and sound waves, because they were fun and stuck with me.

If you've got some time, here is the episode "The Busasaurus," because dinosaurs are awesome.

  How is science television for kids fashionable?  Well, Miss Frizzle had quite the wardrobe.  In fact, she had a dress (with matching earrings and shoes!) in a print to match the scientific lesson of the day.

Miss Frizzle's dinosaur dress, because clearly I am on a roll.
another one...learning about energy, I think
In a perfect world, I would get science-themed fabric printed with awesome things.  Spoonflower has a bunch, but I can't afford circle-skirt dresses at $18/yard.  Instead, this project is on the list of "somedays," and next time I spot dinosaur (or other fabulously scientific) fabric, this is what I will make.

Ok fine...and one more.  Miss Frizzle teaches archaeology!

Hooray for science sewing!

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