Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas in the Regency

During the Regency era Christmas in America was very different from the way we celebrate today, but that certainly didn't stop us from having a wonderful holiday celebration with the resident 1812 Marines at the Commandant's house last weekend!

There were treats and punch (it was a party, after all), and in addition to dancing we also played Blind Man's Bluff. The U.S.S. Constitution also celebrated its annual tree lighting, but we didn't go down to the docks.  It was decorated quite nicely, though!  The Constitution's facebook page has pictures.

getting ready to light the tree on board
after our performance
posing as if we are about to dance--there would be more people in a real set, though!

In my plum velvet spencer and dress from this summer--I plan to have some new ones soon...
After the party was over we took some silly photos to make a poster for our upcoming season of regency events, which are all going to be fabulous!  We tried all sorts of "scenes":

whispering by the fireplace?

or chatting in the chair?
 Ultimately, it was dancing (of course), for the win!

Regency waltz hold and my rudimentary Photoshop skills
The boys were great sports about being our Darcy and Bingley for the shots, and I am pretty pleased with the final card!  The back has information about our upcoming events, which you can find here and here!

December is a very busy time of year, but I couldn't imagine the holidays any other way!

P.S. Happy Hanukkah, to those who will also be lighting candles tonight!

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  1. You all look so lovely! I think I need to come to one of your Regency events -- I remembered that I have a dress that's appropriate. Now I just have to find a ball that's not opposite one of my shows...