Saturday, February 2, 2013

Packing Up

Today is all about preparation. I'm working on my basic Regency dress pattern, as I'll need several dresses for April, and my "test" garment will be a new ballgown for the Pride and Prejudice Ball next weekend.

Unfortunately, I have a terrible procrastination habit, and the dress is still currently a pile of fabric...and I'm away on a business trip all of next week. The solution? I will be hand sewing my dress in the hotel! Hooray! Which makes today the day to finalize my pattern changes, cut the thing out, baste down the lining for each piece, and whack the big long seams into the skirt.

Wish me luck! In the meantime, here are some reference images I'm pulling for (loosely) for this dress. I was mainly inspired by this portrait of Hortense Bonaparte, Queen of Holland, from 1808:

she has beautiful clothes
As it happens I also have pink and white fabric for this project.  So I am going for it, and making a ridiculous princess dress. The dress will be pink with a white inset on the front and white worked into the sleeves somehow. I haven't totally figured it out, but these dresses both had sleeves that appealed to me.

from Ackerman's, 1818

April 1816

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