Sunday, March 31, 2013

Returning Heroes

What a busy month! And it doesn't really end...I'm in the midst of gearing up for the Regency Intensive Weekend, which will be a ton of fun! In the meantime, though, I'm taking a bit to reflect on Returning Heroes. It was a lovely evening of 1860s dancing and shenanigans...all done in my new pink plaid! I'm actually pretty happy with this dress, although it still needs a little bit of adjustment.  Better to say it with pictures, though! And in case you are burning to know why pink plaid, and not another tartan, stay tuned--there's another 1860s tartan post to come.

in the car on the way to the hall...the problem with 1860s: hoop space!

before the ball we made sandwiches, organized refreshments, and took a bunch of pictures. This is a  preview of the portrait series I'm working on

then it was time to get ready

my hair was based on fashion plates like this one

and, as usual, I wasn't done sewing. Actually, I WAS done, but then it was too long, and I had to rehem. Super frustrating.

someday I will be done before the day of an event...

sewing each other in and generally getting ready

we managed to snap a few more pictures once we were dressed. I am actually quite pleased with the way this turned out!

During intermission we did a couple of German (or Cotillion) figures as performance pieces. In this one, the gentlemen chooses a lady, she then blindfolds him and chooses someone else. He may then choose which side (right or left) he would like as his partner.

the gentleman faces his choice
I did the second, in which the lady stands on a chair holding a lit candle. The gentlemen compete to blow the candle out, and whoever succeeds is her partner. Germans are a ton of fun, and you can read more about them here

even during Germans, proper etiquette is observed

Returning Heroes is unique because it is the only ball of the year where costumes are required--look how lovely the room looks!

dancing Les Rats Quadrille

the head couples' portion of The Gothic Dance

it was great to catch up with old friends and new!

It was a lovely ball, and even though I love all the periods we do, 1860s will always have a special place in my heart. I certainly enjoyed the evening, and it seems like everyone else did too--I call that a success.

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  1. So glad you're still blogging! Thought of you today and thought I'd say hi. Happy to see you! Dress looks great. We miss you. Mel (Melissa McCarter) at Admissions