Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Everything Really Does Come Back In Style...

I've been terrible about posting. Bad blogger! My only excuse is that I've been spending the past month or so living in the 21st century for a change! So crazy! Well, at least, as close to the 21st century as I get...

1950s-style playsuit hanging by the Charles on my birthday weekend. I'm 23!
Anyways, a friend posted this on Facebook today and I thought it was totally hilarious...especially because the picnic season is in full swing, and I'll be out on Saturday! Remember my post about picnicking last summer, when I mentioned Graces?

Well, some enterprising person has taken the idea and run with it! This video made me giggle, but "RingStix" are really a thing someone is selling.

My favorite part is that they call this an "update version of ring toss." Nope, it's Graces.

Graces, 1838

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