Friday, June 14, 2013

The BPG circa 1900-1918

I am so looking forward to spending tomorrow afternoon lounging and playing croquet in the BPG on our first 1900s-ish picnic of the summer!

photos I took the last time I was there, for my birthday. the gate to the BPG from Boston Common (or rather, this is the side leaving the garden back to the common)
(Sometimes I forget that not everyone uses their weekends as between-week oases of beauty and adventure, often ending up in or around the Boston Public Gardens. So when I mention at work that my plans are to hang out in "the BPG," no one has a clue what I'm talking about; but when you say it as often as we do, the acronym becomes necessary.)

swan boats crossing under the bridge

view of the city from across the park (which would make that...the corner of Arlington?)

It's been raining all week thanks to this weird summer Nor'Easter we've been having, but at some point today the clouds broke and it warmed right up. It promises to be a glorious weekend, and I am thrilled. The BPG is one of my favorite places to soak up some beauty over the weekend, and as an added bonus there are baby ducks(!) right now. Hooray!

I've taken this as an opportunity to throw up some of the pictures I took the last time I was there because it was such a gorgeous day, but really I wanted to share a couple of images from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. These were painted around the time we'll be channeling tomorrow, and are so so pretty.

Late November Afternoon, Public Garden. Arthur Clifton Goodwin, 1905.

Boston Public Garden. Artist unknown, 1910-1915

The Public Garden, Boston. George Loring Brown, 1869 (or later)
If you're in the Boston area tomorrow, stop by and say hello!

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