Monday, July 1, 2013

Crossing Our Ts

Sorry for the posting gap! I've been on quite the adventure this past week, giving my first talk at an academic conference in Rotterdam! I had a brilliant time in the Netherlands, but before I left I did quite a bit of time travelling--jumping multiple centuries in fact.

Two back-to-back weekends of performances landed me in the Renaissance (which I will tell you all about when I get pictures...eventually...) and the 1920s. Woo!

one of the lovely vehicles on display
 On Fathers' Day the Braintree Historical Society hosted a 1920s Model T Ford car show, and we had a grand time dancing for the attendees!

We also had a grand time hamming it up with the cars for photos--because what else is a flapper to do?!

And with that, on to the pictures!

the plate reads: "NO RIDERS except brunettes, blondes, and redheads," hehe!

this is just a 20s-style modern dress from years ago...I'll have something new for the rest of the summer!

when faux-bobs fail...Little Lord Fauntleroy it is!

a true prohibition relic! Ironic that it's a pro-drinking motto for a car though...

we all posed in the car, but Antonia was the best ham and I was happy with having taken this picture (also, Antonia is the only one of the party who can't actually drive, silly!)

the sweet (or foolish?) owner brave enough to let us pose behind the wheel

perhaps my favorite car of the day

such pretty cut glass headlights!

our gay picnic group

taking in some lunchtime reading
how topical! These were period magazines brought by a member of CVD for us to look at, and they were very cool!

being artsy--do you see our reflections in the windshield?
It was such fun! And if you're up for some 20s, July is your month!
Check out the Prohibition Ball, July 27th!

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