Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stepping into the Jazz Age: A Lawn Party at the Crane Estate

I had a ridiculous weekend last weekend, and tomorrow is the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers' Prohibition Ball, so there are a lot of exciting things to talk about!

Even though it's out of order, I wanted to start with last Sunday, when I went to a fabulously fun event at the Crane Estate in partnership with Boston Swing Central, and featuring the wonderful music of the Baby Soda Jazz Band. Castle Hill was beautiful, the music was lovely, and even though I still don't really like the way I look in 20s clothes I love the spirit of the period and that was what that event was about.

So without further ado, pictures! And while you peek, listen to the strains of the Baby Soda Jazz Band.

The girls on the rolling hills, with the estate in the distance. 20s pose!
some other lovely attendees
The house and some of the crowd
kicking up on the dance floor for some Charleston!

I went for a sporty look. You can't really see it, but my dress is white/lavender seersucker with a white eyelet collar. The head wrap was a strip of scrap fabric, fashioned similar to original images I've seen. (My hair was not cooperating.)

stylishly sporty

seriously sporty 20s tennis

posey, fashionably sporty!
 The main part of the lawn had the band, the dancefloor, the picnickers, and the vendors. There was a charming Italian garden to the side of the house with lawn games and a neat gazebo to explore. So we did!
off we go on an adventure!
there was a balcony overlooking the garden

naturally, posing was required--the badminton racket was a fabulous find at Goodwill! 

Quinn found some coordinating flowers

telling secrets on the arbor bench

I took a shot at real badminton, but was having trouble with how to hold the racket...

...clearly Antonia has it down.

of course, we also explored the vendors! Hat displays at Salmagundi

a diverse array at Wish List
And we made new friends! Hooray tennis girls! (it's a badminton racket. whatever. I only know how to play tennis.)

we also ran into some old friends, but I only have pictures of their gorgeous picnic setup

We also explored a bit--this was the view of the ocean from the end of the lawn

and this was at the front of the house

I couldn't resist an artsy shot...


  1. Wow! That looks like a lot of fun! The estate is so beautiful and so are you! I have no idea why you wouldn't like yourself in 20s clothes. You look fabulous! I love the pictures, especially the posing ones, with the one of you on the balcony overlooking the garden being my favourite. Miss you! xxx

    1. It was a TON of fun! Haha, I guess I should qualify that I don't like 20s clothes compared to other periods (like 1860s). The period is a blast, though, and I DO appreciate how easy the clothes are to wear :)

      Miss you too!! xxxx

  2. I was at this event too! It was so much fun. Great photos. One of you lovely ladies gave me a card for the Prohibition Ball, which sadly I was not able to attend. I didn't think to ask at the time if any of you had sewing blogs! I should have though, it would have been fun to get a group shot. Another time perhaps.