Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm a Mudder!

So, I realize I'm way behind on my posting...and there's a whole new post coming up this week! But in the meantime, I have a really good excuse.

see the little green thing on the O of "more"? that's me...

This past Sunday, I became a Mudder.

feeling apprehensive before the event...

...and like a total BAMF after
Over the weekend I completed Tough Mudder New England, a 12 mile obstacle course race on Mount Snow, in VT. That means in addition to 18 obstacles (including getting electric shocks, jumping into a tub of ice, crawling under barbed wire, and surmounting a 1/4 pipe), the event wound through 12 miles of terrain up and down (we did at least 4 climbs) the mountain, which has an elevation of 3,586'.

Mt Snow in the winter
It was hard. And awesome. I spend a lot of time being glamorous and elegant, but yesterday I was just a badass...and it felt great. Finishing the event, I felt like I could conquer the world, and it was a beautiful thing.

the Arctic Enema: an obstacle consisting of a dumpster full of ice (melting into 33-degree water) and a barrier you must swim under to get out the other side

jumping in with some of my teammates

the finish line is waiting at the end of this mud pit full of wires carrying up to 10,000 volts...
What the whole Tough Mudder came down to was my stubbornness, determination, and not looking before I other words, it was all about brain power (but I think all the training I've been doing probably helped too).

with my team on the top of Mount Snow during the event
 Normal, more glamorous posting will resume this week...but this was too kickass not to share. And really fun, actually--my parents came, and can vouch for the fact that I was grinning (almost) the whole time!

So really, I can have it all. Just because I look fabulous doesn't mean I can't also kick ass, and I love that.

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