Thursday, August 15, 2013


After the two-outfits-in-a-week 1860s/1920s sewing marathon from a couple of weeks ago, I needed a change of pace. So I switched gears (and machine settings), and started working on a costume for Boston Comic Con, which was held last weekend at the Seaport.

taking a break outside the convention center
The con was supposed to be in April, but due to the Boston Marathon bombings and the lockdown, it was rescheduled. Honestly, I think the re-scheduling might have turned out to be good, as the Seaport (not the original location) was a bigger space and I can't imagine what 15,000+ attendees would have felt like in the Hynes (the original location)--it was packed enough as it was!

There were some definite administrative issues (I ended up waiting in line for 2 hours on Saturday to pick up my wristband), but overall I had a good time and got to meet a bunch of other local comics fans, which was super fun. There were some great costumes, and great shopping!

Over the two days I got a chance to practice some photography skills (and being less awkward when asking people for photos, haha), which was great and while I didn't take a lot of pictures, I did get a few shots I was really happy with.

I was also pretty happy with the costume I made. Starling, also known as Ev Crawford, is one of the only characters created in DC's New 52 that I am excited about (even if they've benched her now...sigh.)--she's tough, smart, and has a 50s/rockabilly style that I love.

sketch by Jesus Saiz, the artist who drew Starling (left) in Birds of Prey

Once again, my historical costuming skills came in handy. The grey corduroy underbust corset is based on my 1860s corset (and still needs some adjustments, so I'll draft a new one for NYCC in October), and sewing the same way. The only changes are thinner bones, sewn in sets of three, and hook and eyes up the back instead of lacing (with no front busk). This turned out to be way more secure than I was expecting, probably due to the real, solid boning instead of the cheap plastic stuff that comes in modern Victoria's Secret-style pieces.

The black top is a cheap bra that I covered with goat hide leather, the leather pants and gun holster came from Ebay, and the boots were borrowed from my little sister (who came to BCC with me).

The bangs are also from Ebay, and worked out way better than I was expecting thanks to a good trim by my sister the night before.

I felt like a badass, which was the point, so...costume mission accomplished! I'm excited to make a few adjustments and wear this to New York Comic Con in October.

But enough about my Sunday outfit...on to the rest of the con!

On Saturday we went as Julia's Blingvengers--all the dresses were made by her, and my friend Brooke came along as our female Coulson, which was perfect.

just one part of the entrance line

I love being Hulk :) Dress by Julia!

inside, Spidey and Green Arrow consult the map...

our Cap meets a pretty realistic Cap...his shield was NICE. As was the rest of his costume!

 On the way, we also made a side trip to Antonia's lab to drop off some stuff, and i found the radiation safety guide...

this would have been good to know...

"I am looking for the Mandarin."

as far as I know this hasn't happened....but it TOTALLY COULD.

home-made rocket boots!

he even had the Bane voice...and it was eerily spot-on

Bane was challenged by Supergirl! But even he couldn't resist her adorableness and spunk

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