Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Climbing Out of the Ravine

Every so often I (like most crafters I know) end up in a bit of a rut. Well, this winter has turned into something of a sewing RAVINE for me. Between work and life it's been a crazy few months, and I didn't have a lot of time to sew. I did accomplish a couple of last-minute, rushed dresses for events, but I was dissatisfied with everything. I think part of it was just feeling exhausted (a pretty constant state these days), but a big part was feeling like a terrible seamstress--I never do things properly or well (and they rarely fit in a way I'm happy with) when I have to get a dress done in an evening/all-nighter. So I have a new goal: try to sew when I have time, and do it slowly. If I take the time to make something that makes me happy, it'll be so much better in the long run.

getting sewn in before a ball--this isn't me, but as none of my dresses currently have closures, it's a pretty accurate representation...
But really, I can wax poetic all I want about doing things well or not doing them at all...and the outcome is that I feel even less inspired to whip something together, and haven't sewn a stitch in months. I needed to break the dry spell, and this weekend I finally did. Yay!

Partially fate conspired to help me, and I ended up with a pretty light weekend, scheduling-wise--plus the weather was awful--but I also have a project on the list for an event in May that's half-way between sci-fi costume and historical dress, and the concept of playing with tulle was sparking some much-needed enthusiasm.

So I spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon and a bit of Sunday morning working on a 1950s prom dress. It's not done, but so far it is well-constructed, planned in advance, and I'm a fairy princess ok?!

weekend progress: base cotton circle skirt (finished hem, but not attached at the waist yet), three layers of tulle gathered on and sewn down at the waist in the seam allowance, lining layer of the sweetheart bodice assembled for fitting before I cut the outer layer (same fabric as base)
The bodice needs to be fitted, the outer layer cut and assembled, and then the whole thing finished before I add the tulle to it (I'm hoping to get a bit of that started tonight), and then the waist will get attached to the skirt before I add a sash (butt bows are the best bows)...but the event isn't until the end of the month, so I've got plenty of time!

the very-much-in-progress bodice and close-up of the skirt top. You can see the three tulle layers a bit better here: two (bottom and top) are the same color as the base fabric, while the third (middle) is a lighter blue

just for color checking, the fabric for the sash tied around the waist
I'm feeling a lot better about sewing now, so hopefully I can use this momentum to get permanently out of the sewing ravine, back on flat land, and make some more fabulous things! (slowly and well, of course...)


  1. I know what event you're making that for! I'm so disappointed that it's on a Sunday, because I have rehearsal. I so wish I could go -- I have a dress already and we could drive the Packard!

    1. That's too bad! We have rehearsal too, but I'm being a bad doobie and skipping it in favor of the event. I'd love to see the Packard in person, so I'm bummed you won't be there!

  2. Exciting that you are taking time on this one! I hope your renewed goal to take time is rewarding.


    1. Thanks! Hopefully...although I'm putting it on hold to whip together that ragtime dress for next Saturday. So much for resolutions...