Monday, October 19, 2015

Rallying for the Vote

Back in September, I had a fabulous weekend dancing in pants and rallying for women's suffrage in 1915!

Then grad school kicked up, and I have been so busy with science I haven't had time to edit photos. I took a paper-writing break today and finally got around to it, so with very little ado here are some pictures from the women's suffrage rally and tea!

period materials about women's suffrage--we placed a selection on each table at tea for people to peruse, and read some of the oratories aloud during the rally

every attendee also found a ribbon at their teacup! yellow was one of the colors of the women's suffrage movement

treats laid out for tea

After tea, oratory, and singing, we went to the town common march and sing some more!

leading singing in the town common

I wore my wool plaid 1914 skirt with a modern blouse and jacket that had an acceptable period shape (plus American Duchess boots)

we had a wonderful, enthusiastic crowd! it was so nice to hear everyone singing together

at the end, we took some pictures with the picket signs and Julia's ribbons (thanks, Julia!)

One thing I couldn't capture here was how many generations attended this event, including my mom and her new puppy (just for the marching part!). Mothers passing on the world to their children was a huge theme during the women's suffrage movement, and it was nice to see such a diverse group getting into the spirit!

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