Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Versailles Project: Inspiration

This year I am heading on a new adventure into the 18th century! I've always been interested in 18th century history (Boston is so full of it, it's hard not to develop an appreciation), but never enough to actually break into the clothing. This year I'm getting a big push--I'm heading to a pretty fabulous party at the Palace of Versailles this May. It's a costume-required event, and I'm focusing all my sewing efforts on building the proper attire from the inside out. So far I'm still on undergarments (more on that soon!), but in the meantime, here are some of my inspirations for the final ensemble (a robe a la francaise, because what else would you wear to Versailles?):

Marianne Camasse, 1764
Princess de Lamballe

1765, the Met Museum
1770, State Museums of Berlin

1760, LACMA
Portrait of a Lady, 1768
Notice a theme? Bows. I am really into bows. My gown will be dusky lavender silk, and I'm planning on yellow bows (and possibly yellow shoes--I have a pair of Kensingtons waiting for decoration) with self fabric trim. To the 18th century!


  1. Welcome to the First-Timer's 18th Century Club! Although I'm not headed to Versailles (you lucky girl!) I am working on my first 18th century ensemble for a visit to the NYC Met for the Vigee Le Brun portraits exhibit in May. I'm about halfway done with my stays. Looking forward to following your progress!

    1. Thanks! First time 18th century solidarity :) I have been told stays are the hardest part...I think I am most nervous about panniers, though.