Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Rather Elegant Adventure

As previously mentioned, last week I went on an adventure to France where I attended the Fetes Galantes at the palace of Versailles. It was my first time at the palace, and it was incredible to see a place I've read so much about. You can't really capture the scale of it in a book or even in a movie, really--being there with everyone in costume was truly amazing. It was also neat to actually use the rooms! We played period games, danced, listened to concerts, watched the crowd, and chatted with friends. The space felt alive, and it was pretty magical.

entering the Hall of Mirrors
There were some quite fabulous ensembles, and it was so fun to meet historical sewing friends from around the world! I met some wonderful people, and I look forward to our further correspondence.

new friends and old, excepting one new friend who volunteered to capture the photo (thank you, A!)
At the risk of sounding wholly insufferable, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

soaking in a sumptuous salon

we tried our hand at an interesting cue sport from the reign of Louis XIV, which was really fun! 

luckily friends had phones to capture it

fabulous friends in fabulous rooms!
the hair was quite something across the board

these are our "scandal!" faces
baroque dance performers

gossiping in a salon
catching up

watching fireworks in the garden from the Hall of Mirrors

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  1. Absolutely amazing! You all look so perfect in that setting!