Monday, September 1, 2014

Expedition to the Crane Estate

Last year we had so much fun at the Roaring '20s Lawn Party at the Crane Estate in Ipswich that we had some pretty grand plans for how to make this year twice as good. Unfortunately, there was some bad weather and the event had to move to the rain date, so a bunch of friends couldn't go (I almost didn't make it!), and our plans sort of fell through. I had started a new white linen dress for the event, which I then abandoned when I thought I couldn't go.

A bit blurry, but hey look! I scaled a wall! Quinn was a great sport about attempting to manage the Petzval lens
When it turned out I was able to make the last bit after all, I decided to wear the dress after all. It still needs sleeves, so expect a more dress-centric post when I finally get around to that. In the meantime, Quinn and I decided to have fun exploring the Crane Estate despite the overcast day! 

the estate is at the top of a hill, with the ocean below--can you see it beyond the trees behind me?

The steps leading from the sports lawn down to another garden

Despite the date change and the overcast weather, the event attendees were colorful and cheerful

Dishes really help make a picnic feel special--this is my picnic china (from Savers, so I don't mind if it breaks!). We also celebrated a birthday and munched on yummy cucumber sandwiches.

Another Petzval portrait--I ended up having to switch to my kit lens for exploring, because the Petzval is just too heavy and not stable enough for adventuring, but I got a few good shots in before that.

reading Zelda Fitzgerald

a quiet path on the wooded area of the hillside

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