Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inner Monologue, part 2

My red slippers that I had sent to Edinburgh for arrived in the post yesterday, and I am so pleased with them!  They are, quite simply, kid dancing slippers but the bright red is different than any of my others and will be splendid with gold rosettes at the toes and red ribbon crosses at the ankles.  If all goes according to plan they will then match both my gold and cream embroidered regency dress and be not out of place with my new dress stewart 1860s.  I don't believe they will be as period for 1860s, but they are certainly Scottish, and that is quite enough.
Speaking of the ball, plans are almost complete for our grand adventure next weekend!  I am already counting the hours until we leave, and as we have (almost) all reserved our places in advance I can say that we shall be quite the merry party on the journey!  I am planning a picnic to feed everyone in the car so that we will not have to take the time to stop for luncheon--it is extremely important we make it in time for the workshop, as I could use a serious memory refreshment and no one else has yet learned a single step.  After the workshop there will be time for supper, hopefully with the girls from Wellesley and my darling LARPer friend who might be coming down from Worcester to meet us.  I've tried convincing him to attend the ball, but no such luck.  Ah well--I already have far too many people to organize.

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