Thursday, August 2, 2012

400 Portraits

More Newport things! Specifically, portraits.  One of the marks of high society during the Gilded Age was a portrait by one of the celebrated artists of the set.  Actually one of my favorite artists ever, John Singer Sargent, was one of the most popular of these, but there were also Auguste Carolus-Duran and Giovanni Boldini.
Here are some of my favorites!

Ada Rehan, Sargent 1894-5

Consuelo Vanderbilt and son, 1906 Carolus-Duran 

Isabella Stewart Gardner (check out her museum here!), 1888 Sargent 

Winifred, Duchess of Portland 1902 Sargent

Josephina Alvear de Erraruiz, Boldini

Mademoiselle X (Marquise Anforti), Carolus-Duran 

Mrs. Henry Galbraith Ward, 1891-4 Sargent

Emily Warren Roebling, Carolus-Duran

Mr. and Mrs. I.N. Phelps Stokes, 1897 Sargent

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