Monday, August 20, 2012

Newport Part 4: 1860s Ball at Ochre Court

I am woefully behind on my posts, and I apologize! In my defense, I had a fabulously exhausting weekend dancing in honor of the bicentennial of the surrender of the HMS Guerriere during the War of 1812.  There will be posts and pictures, but first I owe you the rest of Newport!

Wednesday night after the formal tea was the 1860s ball at Ochre Court, a truly beautiful mansion which now belongs to Salve Regina University.  This was my favorite ball of the week, and also the only ball at which I desperately wanted a bodice cam, because dancing through multiple rooms during a single dance is truly magical and movie-like.

the grand ballroom from the staircase
 We had access to the whole downstairs as well as the second-floor balcony, so there were many beautiful places to explore.  I also wore my tartan ballgown, which is a favorite, that was newly adjusted so it looked better than ever (thanks, Quinn and Antonia!).  It was perfect for swooshing through dances in every room.
dancers through the terrace window
dancing in the oak room, off the ballroom
observing from the balcony
 This was also the night in which we all tumbled down...or at least Quinn and I did.  I fell (twice!) during the Gothic Dance, and Quinn toppled during Speed Virginia Reel.  Speed Virginia Reel is not an actual dance; it is the Virginia Reel done in double-time, in which the dancers flat out run through most of it.  There was some impressive skirt momentum, and it was so much fun I thought I would pass out from laughing!  Hooray for the young set.

However, it was not all chaos and hilarity.  We did spend a lot of time taking lovely, calm pictures in our fabulous dresses.  If we look a little winded, though, now you know why!

In the white room

new trim! black velvet-edged bow and cameo

pretty girls and Adrian

as usual, also a little silly...scarlet tartan drawers!

behind shot!
Ochre Court also has a beautiful staircase with a sweeping red carpet against white marble.  Naturally, the evening wouldn't have been complete without stair pictures...

young people on the stairs!

laughing on the stairs!


a bit blurry, but you can see my bow and my bling

and a fabulous portrait

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  1. AHHHH!!! I LOVE Ochre Court!!! Yay for seeing more pictures!!! Yay young set!!! YAY!!!!