Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bill Cunningham Comes to Newport

Apparently I lied about finishing the Newport posts, but I am always interested in the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of life, and I thought this was an opportunity to share one.  Bill Cunningham is a fashion photographer for the New York Times, who writes/photographs the "on the street" section and the "evening hours" spread. (and actually quite a fascinating person.  I recommend the documentary about him, Bill Cunningham New York.)
Bill has been photographing at Newport for the past few years, and is truly darling.  He seemed to quite enjoy our young set this year, and we were all completely entertained by his mimed instructions for how we should move to make our various shenanigans more photogenic, and also by the fact that he referred to us as "children."  Anyway, we were in the Times the Sunday after Newport, in two spreads.  Can you find me?

the daytime spread (click to enlarge): I am in 2 pictures, upper left. can you find me?

the evening spread: I am in 3 pictures--do you see me?
My favorite is the one where I am dancing with Officer Scott, because it was a night I was wearing a tiara.  Yay, tiaras!

Bill is 83 years old (he was born in 1929), and we were all a little concerned at his mad dashes through the ballroom for the best possible photograph.  However, he survived, and we were even able to capture him in action!  Here are some (rather silly) pictures of us being photographed by Bill--there, that's actually everything from Newport!

Bill attends the silent film night. Aren't those ushers fabulous?

the shot on the stairs of Ochre Court--did you see it in the final spread?

Bill followed us when we moved to the landing

on a ladder to get the group shot--oh dear!

setting up a shot in the garden at Glen Manor.  I believe this is the one where Bill took a bunch of pictures and then said "ok, I'll leave you alone for five minutes." and then came back and said "I can't help it--it's been five minutes!" He is so sweet.  We will pose for you anytime.

that blur in the bottom left corner is Bill--this shot was also in the final spread, did you see it?

getting the group at the Roger Williams Casino

oh no, caught!
Seriously, thank you Bill Cunningham.  You were so much fun.

Also, BONUS: there is a video over at the NYT website here.

And one last behind-the-scenes shot: sometimes even vintage dancers get dehydrated.  Slurpees!

stopping at 7-11 post Ochre Court...sans dresses

Hooray for TNG adventures! and I do love my scarlet tartan drawers...although I'm glad those didn't end up in the paper.

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