Thursday, August 9, 2012

Newport Part 2: Seaside Tea Dance

Tuesday we eased into the week a bit (well, if you can call a full morning of classes after a ball the night before easing) with a seaside tea dance in place of afternoon classes.  I was so excited to embrace all things nautical (a favorite motif) and stroll along the lovely Easton's First Beach in between dances...but it was the only event for which it rained! We managed to have a brilliant time anyways, and we even braved the stormy waves after the event was over to do a bit of wading.  It certainly brightened my mood!

I didn't have a chance to sew anything for this event, so I wore my white trained underskirt (plain white cotton) alone with a modern seersucker blouse and quick sash in navy blue with gold/white robe trim.  This, like many of my outfits this week, was a team effort: Nick used some of the rope for a sailing knot on the front of the sash, and Quinn used the rest for a bow at the back.

the full effect, with gibson girl-style hair done entirely with teasing

riding the carousel
The dance was held at the Rotunda Ballroom, which is located on Easton's First Beach in Newport.  While the hall itself isn't particularly remarkable or historical, it does have a lovely vintage carousel in the same structure, and we were able to ride it during the dance.  I love carousels, and they are so much better riding side-saddle in pretty dresses!  Once the carousel was closed and the dancing had ended, we raced to the sea, which was even better.


being silly on the tide wall--can you see my bare feet peaking out from beneath my skirt?

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