Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Magical Disappearing Woman

Sometimes getting the perfect "period" image requires a lot of modern technology.

I've been out of town more than I've been in it this month, so my non-work life has been on hold...but I do have a post in the works!

At the end of August I participated in a lovely performance at the Commandant's House, and we had a picnic on the front lawn. Someone got a picture of us, and it is perhaps my favorite (certainly one of my favorite) shots from the summer! Don't we look like a period painting?

I was so excited about this picture....but this isn't what it looked like when it was taken. In the original image, we were "crashed" by a person in the background. Of course, photos often have people in the background, but it's a little more jarring when there's such a difference in attire. Always on the quest for perfect pictures (and an excuse to sharpen my Photoshop skills), I worked on removing her.  Here's the original image:

See the woman in the background?
So there you have it. Some fabulously-dressed friends, a beautiful day, a candid shot...and some post-production magic all add up to a really lovely image. 

Stay tuned! The rest of the day is coming soon.