Thursday, January 23, 2020

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020s!

January is often a time of year for reflections on the past year and making plans for the year to come. January also happens to be the time I attend our local sci-fi convention, and this year that means I've already completed my first project of 2020! I'd like to take this as a sign of productive things to come.

But before I post about that, I thought I would take a look back and see how I did in 2019.




So I completed 3 whole projects. My goals for the year were:
Early 1870s winter ensemble yup!
Regency pelisse  I swapped this out for a Regency ballgown, but I'm counting it.
Tartan 1860s re-make yup!
Chemises and petticoats I ended up getting help from a friend here. So while I can't really count this as done, I am giving myself partial credit because I have updated my period undergarments so I no longer have only one chemise from 2007 ;)

Bonus Round: something new for Fezziwig's next year nope.

Additionally, I wanted to blog more and focus on having accessories for all ensembles. I definitely succeeded on both counts. I posted 11 times in 2019: 4 research posts, 2 construction posts, 3 completed project posts, and 2 miscellaneous posts. That is a large improvement over 2018, when I posted 3 times total! And on the accessories front: I wore jewelry, hair ornaments/hats, and gloves with every outfit...not just the ones I blogged about.

My blog output (and sewing output) increased a lot towards the end of the year, which makes sense given the busy life events that happened. In May and June I was out of the country for work for about 6 weeks, conducting research in Japan, France, Germany, and England. And then in October I got married!

My goals for this year are:

-1920s "tweed" ensemble
-1860s day dress
-1830s dress in cotton
Bonus round: regency dress with long-sleeved chemise (so I can wear it for day and evening!)

Again, this is a small list of goals. But I can't really expect to slow down a whole lot this year (that said, not planning a wedding is already going a long way towards my mental energy for sewing), and I want to set goals I can accomplish without stressing myself to do things without enough time. And speaking of time--though it requires a lot of time, I've really enjoyed my return to research posts over the last few months. So my extra goal this year is more research-focused posts, including some food experiments!

So thanks for sticking with me, thanks for reading, and here's to an optimistic 2020 :)