Friday, January 17, 2014

Behind the Lens, Under the Seam Ripper: 2013 in Review

It seems rather apt that I'm writing my New Years post two weeks into the new year...but there you are, a resolution for prompter posting in 2014!

2013 was a big year for adventures, and I'm already looking forward to more to come. I was able to complete all the planned tartan in fashion posts (although there are more in the works), and improve my photography with a new camera and a lot of patient friends/models. This review will cover all of it, with favorite pictures and projects from 2013.

The full force of Blingvengers is unleashed, and I become the GlitterHulk. What makes me rage? Culturally accepted misogyny. And hunger. Also I make this face a lot.

We enter the Arisia masquerade as the Birds of Prey, and I sew with spandex for the first time to make my Helena Bertinelli/Huntress costume.
I acquire my first DSLR, and start learning how to really take pictures. I'm in love, and my favorite spot to practice is our local comic book shop.

My social circle learns they have all been voluntold as models.

I draft a new Regency ballgown pattern, and sew a test dress for the Pride and Prejudice ball. It basically works but has a lot of problems I need to adjust, but I have yet to make a new version.
I complete a new chemical-dye-inspired pink plaid 1860s ballgown for Returning Heroes.

More photography experimentation with a series of "transformation" photos from modern to period.

I focus on detail shots,

We shoot Napoleon,

I complete a new long-sleeved sheer striped Regency dress and brown silk bonnet,

and wear them to fly kites!

I play with dramatic 1920s portraiture at our Great Gatsby performance
More photography practice...

Picnics and croquet! This is making me miss the warm weather.
We perform on George's Island in printed cotton 1860s dresses, and get a fabulous tour of Fort Warren!

Several of us (including me) make our dresses out of reproduction 1850s printed cottons. Also, my dress closes in front, so it doesn't matter that I never made it to closures--I can sew myself in this time. Goal for 2014: CLOSURES.

Back-to-back performances! The next day we head to the Crane Estate for their Jazz Age Lawn Party, and I make a seersucker '20s dress to wear for it. 

Playing with angles and scenery.

Photo editing to make 1920s glamour shots after the Prohibition Ball.
whew-July was hopping!

I put my historical costuming skills to super-use and make a Starling/Ev Crawford costume...

...and wear it to Boston Comic Con, where I took this picture. It's in my top 5 for the year.

Break time after a crazy summer! I start what becomes a super-hectic travel schedule for work: since September, I've been to 5 states in 4 months. 3 of those states were in September.


I finish a 1950s Buttrick retro striped sundress, and wear it on a roller skating/diner/Fall adventure!

The greatest picture of all time occurs.
I get to Hulk out again at New York Comic Con, ROAR!

I'm also getting better at directing stranger when I want to try a cool portrait angle.
I experiment with restrictive silhouettes and make a Ragtime suit with a hobble skirt for the Plymouth Thanksgiving living history weekend.

I also make a fur wrap--and I needed it!

Fabulous '40s for the Greater Boston Vintage Society Winter Formal

And I outfit the whole family for Fezziwig's Ball!

Not pictured: several other events and a whole host of unfinished projects. 2013 was certainly brimming with fabulous clothes, wonderful friends, and memorable adventures. Here's to an equally fabulous (and even better) 2014!