Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rescheduled Regency

The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers  were supposed to host a Regency ball the week of the snowstorm, so it was rescheduled to this past Saturday. Honestly, after a flurry to finish my dress before the original date, my motivation was lacking to get anything done for the replacement.

Luckily, I really wanted to be clothed...and to be a princess. So I ended up with a very late night on Friday and some hectic pre-ball sewing all day on Saturday (thanks, Quinn!). The dress is totally untrimmed and has some issues, but I actually feel much better about it than I did on Saturday. It's on the docket to really finish for the Regency weekend in April, but in the meantime--the ball was so much fun! I took a lot of pictures, so even if this isn't a dress post, I can still share Pride and Prejudice with you.

Antonia calling a dance--it was a good sized ball. Full, but not excessively crowded

This picture reminds me of a shot from a period drama

Ladies chatting before the ball. Quinn had a fabulous new dress too--check it out on her blog!

taking a dancing break

As we only used the upstairs room of the hall, at intermission the doors were thrown open and the table of food was carried in. Very dramatic! (as usual, I am making a judgey face...)

Taking refreshments

I like food pictures...sorry.

During intermission members of CVD performed "The Cottage Bonnet," a super fun Regency dance that was more complicated than what we did at the ball...and something everyone can learn at the Regency Weekend in April!

Julia kindly took my camera for a bit, so I could be in dancing pictures

After the ball we took lots of pictures, as always. Julia had fabulous hair!

being Greek Muses...sort of. 

CVD group shot! It was fun to be in color for once, as our Regency performance dresses are white

My post-ball portrait. The curls were an experiment...they looked better at the beginning of the evening, but they held up rather well.

and really, my post- post- ball portrait in which I wear my Batman sweater, have crazy hair, and look judgey. Yep, that's me.
I am so looking forward to Returning Heroes and the Regency Weekend! The ball gave me a lot of new (and much needed) motivation to sew, and I'm rolling with it...which also means a return to tartan posts. Stay tuned!

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